NEW VIDEO: Rob Regal - The Reflection 

Directed by Matt Sugawara


Previously known to Booth readers as Lyriciss, the DMV representative who brought us Big Gold Chain and countless other reader-acclaimed jams has reinvented himself as Rob Regal. But don’t get it twisted—the change in no way betokens a decreased emphasis on his pen game. As project title track and lead single The Reflectionpremiering in the Booth along with Matt Sugawara‘s official visuals, makes clear, he’s every inch the lyricist he was when last we featured him. Over a flute-laced beat by The Antydote and Chris Calor, the emcee eloquently chronicles his efforts to get his paper up while maintaining his artistic integrity. For this thoughtful jam and much more, cop The Reflection (the EP) when it drops digitally this September. 

#TheReflection #RegalEra #HVNTS

Twitter/IG - @RobRegal301

For the folks who’ve been missing out on this new music.

Oh we filming videos in Baltimore now?Haha! Great clip & a dope ass song.

Ha, thanks, homie! Did it off the whim, man. I called my video dude the night before like “aye, let’s shoot a video at Graffiti Alley tomorrow, we don’t never really hit Baltimore”. I thought it would be a dope look with the artwork, plus it would help bridge the gap between PG County and B-More on this Maryland hip-hop shit.

Don’t let white america make you ashamed of African American culture.


Big hoop earrings, gold teeth, rap/hiphop, fried chicken, watermelon, KoolAid, headwraps, slang (ebonics), twerkin, afros, locs, braids, talking loud, etc is all apart of our culture, whether you wanna believe it or not. Next time you feel ashamed of or don’t want to accept something in our culture cuz white america says “its not appropriate” just think; if we had our own land, with just us, would it still be shameful?

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