Anonymous asked:

Ok I love your blog but in response to that "unfollow me if you think white people can experience racism." Post. Have you been to Hawaii?



white people literally can’t experience racism

we can experience prejudice, but that’s not racism

but no other race has the institutional power that white people have over every other poc, even in countries/places that aren’t predominantly white (thank you imperialism)

we can shoot up schools and theaters and take over countries and practically kill off an entire race in the name of manifest destiny and shoot black children in the street or in their own homes or beat an asian man so badly in the streets in detroit that he dies two days later and get AWAY with it and make “jokes” about other races and use them as a costume and bomb the shit out of countries and be more likely to be hired fresh out of jail than a black person who has NEVER been to jail

we always benefit from systemic racism no matter WHERE we are

getting our feelings hurt isnt racism

being told we’re disgusting and awful and racist or ugly because we’re white isnt racism


My best-friend gets it.

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